The Prairie Sun Pinot Gris

New Release!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Pinot Gris grape vine is the same genetically as a Pinot Noir vine?This varietal strain evolved from Pinot Noir vines that produced a lighter grey color grape (rather than a deep blue).  ‘Gris’ is French for ‘Grey’.

The name Prairie Sun is in homage to the original name of our Farm before we grew into the winery we are today.   The beautiful rolling hills of this natural grassland are the inspiration for this lovely Pinot Gris both in flavor and label design.

A delightful clean flavor of Green apple evolves into delicate hints of lime as you sip. Fragrant with traces of citrus blossoms and spring grasses, this Pinot Gris is a classic New World style white wine.

This is a lovely way to start our Tasting flight!

Prairie Sun – Pinot Gris:       28.00 Retail                   24.00  Members